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In the green expanse of Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region, a significant step forward in the renewable energy sector of Ghana was taken. The Renewable Energy for Communities Coalition (RE4CC) in Ghana gathered for a pivotal workshop, marking a commitment to fortifying the renewable energy landscape in the country. The coalition was launched in August 2023, with a clear vision: “Boost the inclusion of 10% cost-effective and decentralized RE in Ghana’s energy portfolio by fostering advocacy and strengthening communities by 2030.” This gathering, held on the 21st and 22nd of September, 2023, laid down the foundation stones for the coalition’s Financial Year 2024 (FY24) planning.

Imagine a Ghana where communities thrive on renewable energy, contributing not just to the economic growth, but also promoting an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle. Can you see it? RE4CC is not just imagining it. They’re planning it.

Setting the Stage for FY24

During the coalition’s meeting, an array of topics were addressed, forming the building blocks of their FY24 agenda and timeline. Funding, a crucial aspect, was discussed with strategies mapped out to secure essential finances for their green initiatives. The coalition’s charter was elaborated upon, underlining their objectives and methods of operation. 

The delineation of member roles and expectations was highlighted, ensuring that every member and participating organization is aligned with the coalition’s goals. This structured approach paves the way for coherent and unified action towards the renewable energy push in Ghana.

Voices from the Workshop

In attendance were 15 organizations, each bringing their unique perspective, expertise, and insight to the table, collaboratively working towards a shared vision for renewable energy in Ghana.

Portia Owusu Amoateng from Abantu for Development shared her thoughts, describing the workshop as both educative and enlightening. The anticipation in her words is palpable as she looks forward to more opportunities to explore in the renewable energy sector.

Portia Owusu Amoateng, Abantu for Development

Portia Owusu Amoateng, Abantu for Development

Vicoma Dankwa, representing the Youth Climate Council Ghana, echoed similar sentiments. She found the event insightful, pointing towards the sharing of knowledge and ideas as a significant take-away.

Vicoma Dankwa, Youth Climate Council Ghana

Vicoma Dankwa, Youth Climate Council Ghana

Moreover, Marina Agortimevor from Africa Coal Network emphasized the solidarity between CSOs within the renewable energy space. 

“There’s been solidarity between CSOs within the space pushing for renewable energy,” she noted, expressing confidence in the coalition’s ability to work together with the government and implement impactful projects. Her words encapsulate the optimism and unified spirit present throughout the workshop.

Marina Agortimevor, Africa Coal Network

Richard Mantey, the Director for Alliance for Empowering Rural Communities, summarized the event as not only insightful but also a platform for brainstorming and sharing ideas. The workshop offered the opportunity for collective thought, aiding in the development of a clear program of activities for the coalition.

Richard Mantey, Director for Alliance for Empowering Rural Communities

Richard Mantey, Director for Alliance for Empowering Rural Communities

The Road Ahead

As the two-day workshop concluded, the RE4CC left equipped with a renewed sense of purpose, a clear plan for FY24, and a collaborative spirit to fuel their journey ahead. The seeds for increasing the deployment of renewable energy in Ghana have been sown.

With workshops like these, it’s not just about the discussion and planning. It’s about the collective drive to make Ghana a country that stands tall for renewable energy. It’s about ensuring a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future for the communities and the generations to come. 

What’s the bottom line? The work of RE4CC is more than just a commitment. It’s a movement towards change, towards a Ghana powered by renewable energy. And as the participants echoed, the insights and collaboration from the workshop are set to be the driving force in realizing this change.

In the words of Marina Agortimevor, with the collective push from various organizations and the government, “Ghana will be a country that will be for renewable energy.”

The journey has just begun, and the road ahead is bright and green, with the Renewable Energy for Communities Coalition lighting the way towards a renewable-energy-rich Ghana. The echo from the hills of Dodowa is clear: change is not just on the horizon, it’s here, and it’s green.

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