Empowering Energy Advocacy

Renewable Energy for Communities Coalition

Join us in accelerating renewable energy integration for sustainable communities in Ghana by 2030.

Our Founding Story

Empowering Change Through Collaboration

RE4CC is a coalition of organizations committed to advancing affordable and decentralized renewable energy solutions in Ghana. Born out of strategic partnerships, we aim to combat climate change and carbon emissions.

At RE4CC, we strategize effective pathways and consolidate innovative ideas to accelerate the integration of renewable energy, creating a sustainable future for Ghana.

Guiding the Movement Forward

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To integrate 10% decentralized renewable energy in Ghana by 2030, creating a resilient energy mix.

Our Mission

Empower communities with affordable renewable energy solutions for a sustainable future.

Be the Change You Want to See

Join our mission in accelerating renewable energy adoption for a sustainable future in Ghana.

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